Hello Everyone!

This site is used to manage D&D games. Eventually this place will be a kind of store house for your adventures and a place where you can brush up on the expanding knowledge and list of NPCs in the game.

For now this is a place where you can watch my progress in getting the game set up and where you can start familiarizing yourself with the world you’ll be playing in. This site’s most powerful functionality is allowing game masters to create wikis specific to their games, and I implore you to explore the one I’m creating for this one.

Checklist for Completion
-Convert D&D Tutorial Outline to Slideshow (100%)
-Finish Overview for Players (100%)
-Convert Overview into Wiki (100%, if you have questions message me)
-World Map (100%)
-Capitol Map(10%)
-District Map (0%)
-??? Organizations Structures X5 (75%)
-20 “Important” People (20%)
-Random Encounter Tables (0%)
-Basic NPC Character Sheets (0%)
-Set up first Game Night (100%)

RVA friends' Campaign

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