RVA friends' Campaign

January 17th Dnd


Coliv is dead

Adrian has headed to the Capitol

Nelfsin has gone in the opposite direction

Capitols current status: Pograms (massive riots) from the city

Our current status: Possibly terriorists

Residents of Resistance City: None are from Chisma, mostly from Lancia & Holtzfaller

Searching the rubble for the vampire to ensure he’s dead

In the meantime Little Joe and (Elena) interview Resistance City residents

Someone from Lancia: Don’t hear good things, says we’ll stand out like sore thumbs

Someone from Holzfaller: Would not recommend going there, chain gang

Found his rapier, ring

Ring: pewter, has a ram, Ring of the Ram, Cloak white dueling cloak

Ring: Mental commands whilst wearing it, if aimed at the door you may open the door
Ranged attack with 50ft limit

Head to Holfstedder to use hovercraft to get to Chisma

Takes 5 days. Traveling through the forest—hearing chains and chainsaws

Hiding and observing the noise of the sound

5 ghouls with assault rifles, with a bunch of men logging

Hovercraft in the middle of the clearing. Decide to hide and observe

Chain logs to hovercraft, get work crew inside. Dusk, hovercraft heads in southwest direction

We decide to follow the hovercraft to get to Center City

Reach center city at night. Guards at every door for each bungalow and warehouse, snipers on the roofs

10 hovercrafts

Go back to the field, laying in wait

Neilfsin: Shows up

Wants to recruit new people to start a new resistance.

20 feet away from The group of ghouls + slaves

Surround ghouls to attack
Enter the hovercraft while wearing the uniform—encounter man in the cockpit

Going to Chisma


Pilot: Cosby

Doesn’t offer much in the way of information. Is from Chisma. Throws up.

Talks to someone from the gang of enslaved loggers

Let Cosby make his landing

Hovercraft 1 (30 people fit comfortably): 8 8: 16 Pilot: Cosby

Amelia: manning guns

2nd hovercraft: Pilot: R Kelly

Pick up the rest of the loggers: 9 + 1 +1: 12

A third hovercraft

1 H+2 H lift and separate, 3H starts shooting at 2H

Fight 3H, crashes, no survivors

Update November 29

We/re helping people escape while fighting the vampires

Neilfsin suddenly appears next to Amelia

Neilfsin to the cyclops “Will you stay and help, or be a coward?”

Kaliv + Lil Joe blow up molitiv cocktail amounts the vampires

4 rounds, everyone has escaped to field up top, we are with them (and Neilfsin)

Still fighting the vampires

Kaliv dies in battle

Sense motive Neilfsin: very hard to read that she’s scared // She has no concern for the people around her // Calculating her next move

People 15-20

Amelia shoots vampire, hits shoulder

KILL GHOUL, run back up the stairs

explosion of bats

swaming little joe and the helpful slayers

Attack the bat swarms swarming Nelfsin and the slayers

We demolish the building, Amelia almost dies

We decide to head towards Chisma, make camp

September 7th

Daytime // Walking

The group walks with Coliv/Nelfsin—faerie that lives in the woods/Adrian

Nelfsin saddles up to Brie — make plan to go back to the city and steal a hovercraft

“What do you know about Coliv”

Coliv: Brash, full of vigor, got courage, lacks in intelligence and wisdom, makes up for in decisiveness

“Can we trust him to do the right thing”

-We’re allies, so if you can’t trust him, you can’t trust me.

>>Resting, group of us go off to the side

Should we steal the hovercraft, or continue to blow up innocent lives?

Stick with the Resistance and see what happened

Walk through most of the night and set up camp

Encounter a subway station with a train approaching

Before getting on the train, Little Jo being choked, let him go

5 tentacle like things hanging from the ceiling

Attack most of the things, then stop as they back away.

Little Jo’s bow breaks

Get in the car, rest. Talk with team, while the others are away

Little Joe and I tie up Coliv, while Brie distracts Nelfsin, [Elena] curls up next to Adrian with the knife

Brie tosses the rope to [Elena] to tie up Adrian

Tie up Adrian and Coliv

20 people in this city

Subway car is the link to getting items, etc.

Initial idea—to steal a hovercraft and get people out of the city

Decide to Resistance City to train (smashed buildings, etc). Untie Adrian and Coliv

THEN go back to the Parnai, steal hovercraft, bring people back to the Resistance city to save them, without the vampires knowing

We’ve arrived to Resistance City

Getting the tour of the city


Adrian leaves the group and goes into the city—will not see him unless we see him again

Wilson—weapon smith


City is powered by the fossil fuel bacteria—burn it directly to generate power

Doctor—Doctor Theo, smokes a lot. Upset with Caliv for not bringing back cigarettes

Farmers—grow mushrooms, alfalfa and greens

Belinda and Melinda—very sweet ladies (farmers)—they are lovahs

Goggles and


Tack and Lee and N and Bot (robot eye)

Ray JJ Ronald and Faye

Take a rest to wait on the bullets and arrows, then seek out Neifsin to gain training

August 2nd

An attractive man enters the clearing

He might have more weapons

Hasn’t said a word despite being acknowledged

He purses his lips “Y’all ready to move out because we have to leave”

We follow him, keeping a safe distance

He kicks out the fire

He looks at mine and Alex’s wounds

Hands Alex a flask, tells him to drink it
It hurts, feels like burning

“Where are we going?”

“We’re meeting the boss”

Walking well into nighttime, closer back to the city, 45 minutes in we get suspicious

Little Joe drops back even further due to protest, runs forward and is 20 feet behind them

Guy starts climbing a tree.

We all climb other trees

Big ball of smoke in the distance coming out of the city, as if the gas depot blew up.

“The boss’s plan” Man climb back down

Brie (ALex) smacks Guy in the face, Guy loses an eye

Back pocket

Elena gropes Man

Feeds him some of his potion. Pops his eye back in, most of the damage will heal. Bloody teeth

“I’m free, I’m the resistance” The plan was to convince as many people going into the city to come out,

To go into the city—armed guards, Blew up to caravan of people going into the city

Goal is to expose the monsters in charge for what they will are

Tie him to the tree, got all his weapons

Sit down and eat some jerky

Climb back up the trees (little joe, elena, me) to wait for whatever is coming


Shadows in the ground

20 feet in the ground

Shadows appear, 5 shadows, semi circle

Ask dude what they are—they are “Ghouls”

Attacking the ghouls

Attacked and killed the ghouls.

Brie is damaged

Dudes name is Adrien. Ghouls are the lackeys, hunting us to kill us.

Blue girl emerges from the forest: Nelfsin she is answering the questions

She goes to Brie and goes to cup her face—heals Brie

The boss is Coliv

Elena is very thirsty

Adrien and Nelfsin are escorting us to another city—probably Chisma

Start a fight, change to diplomacy

Asked to join the resistance with Coliv/Nelfsin/Adrien


The merry gang decides to head Southwest bound, in attempt to find the next city.

The Aftermath
wolfmeat for all!

After the adrenaline wears off, Amelia’s allergic reaction becomes clear. Red welts have appeared all over her body and she drops to the ground. Brie races to Amelia’s side to offer aid forcing her to vomit up the poisonous berries. Amelia passes out from the utter shock of it all.

Our heroes decide to hunker down, regroup, and take care of Amelia. Brie, Adina, and Lil’ Jo butcher the wolves (collecting 262lbs of wolf meat). Brie lays hands on Amelia, and revives her; she joins the group as they plan their next step.

The group ultimately decides to smoke the meat with the ash from the fire, so they have food, but it’s not too heavy. As the wait for the meat to smoke, they slowly heal from the brutal fight with the wolf pack.

The wolf meat smokes down to 180lbs and the group realizes it will take 2lbs per person per day to survive in the woods on wolf meat alone.

The Big Bad Wolves
A band of 7 wolves attack our heroes

20 minutes later, she hears a growl. After attempting to wake Brie by whispering, she decides to throw a stick, which falls short. A wolf appears out the bushes, snarls, and takes a snap at Lil’ Jo’s shoulder. Luckily the wolf doesn’t penetrate the armor. No one wakes up in the commotion.

Lil’ Jo attempts to stab the wolf, but sadly misses her mark leaving the wolf unharmed. The wolf attacks again and this time sinks its teeth deep into Lil’ Jo dealing enough damage to seriously injure her and she cries out in a blood-curtailing scream.

Amelia hears the screaming and awakens to the grizzly scene, jumping from her makeshift shack with dagger and flashlight in hand with her own loud intimidating roar!

Brie & Adina finally wake up, but are tangled together in their bedroll. Drawing her dagger, Adina is able to not only untangle herself, but also untangle Brie. Adina’s quick moves and menacing stare intimates the pack of wolves. Meanwhile, Brie stands and draws her war hammer.

Lil’ Jo, emboldened by her comrades, attempts to intimidate the wolves to no avail. Lunging towards the wolf, she once again misses her target.

Some of the wolves step back and are noticeable shaken by the intimidating group. One snaps at Adina, but doesn’t make contact. Another wolf snarls at Brie, who is unshaken by the feeble attempt to intimidate her and yet another takes a snap at her but again doesn’t make contact. The last wolf looks hungrily at Lil’ Jo and snaps, but she dodges the attack.

Amelia jumps to Lil’ Jo’s aid, standing over her brutalized comrade. Amelia lands a blow with her gimlet against one of the attacking wolves dealing massive damage with a stab to the kidneys that ultimately kills one of the wolves.

Brie attempts an attack with her war hammer but narrowly misses her target. Adina lunges with her dagger, but she too comes up short.

Lil’ Jo, scared, hurt, and shitless, moves away from the remaining wolf and stands facing her adopted sister with a look of concern that she hopes no one notices. At the same time Lil’ Jo draws her short bow.

One wolf steps towards Amelia attacking, biting her leg and shake it dealing some significant damage. Another wolf attempts to pile on the damage, but misses their target.

The third wolf moves closer to Amelia while yet another wolf snaps at Adina, just barley missing the mark. The last wolf lunges for Brie’s neck, misses their target, but sinks its teeth deep into Brie’s forearm causing damage.

Amelia, seeking revenge on the wolf who pierced her skin, attacks and punctures the wolf’s eye with her gimlet.

Brie attacks the wolf in front of her, bravely fighting through the pain, and crumples the wolf’s chest cavity. The wolf is seriously injured, but still hanging on.

Adina attacks the wolf closest to her with her dagger, makes contact, but it barely phases the snarling wolf.

Lil Jo’ steps back towards the campfire and shoots her short bow at the one-eyed wolf. The arrow soars through the air and lands right between the wolf’s eye and empty socket instantly killing the wolf.

The other wolf next to Amelia lunges in retribution for its fallen pack member, biting Amelia’s inner thigh. Amelia screams out in pain as the wolf smiles in satisfaction at the blood dripping down Amelia’s leg.

The other wolves snap, but miss Brie and Adina, who skillfully dodge the hungry wolves.

Amelia wastes no time attacking the wolf back and destroyed its ribcage but is unable to kill it.

Brie swings her mighty warhammer exploding the wolf’s skull with her mighty blow.

Adina swings her dagger again, makes contact, but doesn’t deal much damage.

Lil Jo’ takes a shot at the wolf attacking Amelia, but misses sending the arrow soaring into the woods. The wolf attacks again, but misses Amelia.

Two wolves attack Adina, one misses, but one bites her arm viciously. Luckily Adina holds on to her dagger.

Amelia lunges with her gimlet, but misses her target.

Brie again swings her mighty warhammer crushes the ribcage of yet another wolf.

Adina casually turns and in one beautiful stroke slits the throat of the wolf behind her.

Lil’ Jo draws her trusty short bow again, and this time sends an arrow directly into the heart of the wolf attacking Amelia.

Two wolfs snap at Adina, but both miss!

Amelia races up behind one of the wolves attacking Adina. Amelia’s gimlet makes contact, wounding the wolf.

Brie raises her war hammer, but misses her target.

Adina attacks, but she too misses.

Lil Jo’ takes aim at the wounded wolf flanked by Brie and Amelia. The arrow makes contact, and deals damage, but not enough the kill the beast.

The wolves snap in desperation as the tables turn, but neither make contact with their intended contact.

Amelia takes a swing with her gimlet, but misses the wolf entirely.

Out of nowhere Brie’s war hammer connects with the wounded wolf, dropping it where it stands.

Adina swings and misses, but luckily Lil’ Jo’s arrow connects, finally killing the last wolf. The band of four takes a moment to savor their victory, before gathering themselves for whatever comes next.

Into the Woods
The Clearing & Setting Up Camp

We rejoin our band of misfits in the wild woods outside the Parnâi where they just arrived in a clearing and decide to set-up camp. They start a bonfire, and go out to seek food and shelter.

Amelia creates a (shitty) makeshift lean-to consisting of limbs from nearby trees and a blanket she brought with her. Amelia forages for some berries, but sadly is unable to find a squirrel to eat.

Brie & Adiea decide to brave the elements and put their bedrolls together, huddled up by the fire.

Lil’ Jo, seeing potential danger anywhere, decides to sit watch and positions herself facing the clearing from which they came. After three hours on watch, Lil’ Jo hears rustling in the bushes, but assumes it is just woodland creatures.

The Beginning
Our Story Begins


Billboard—all 4 of us names are on to be accepted into the city

Go back to place—Quickpad shoved under door

I go to talk to the Don, see what’s going on, go with (Elena)

Ted—Lil Joe

Don at the bar, meet him there

Toasty out, cool/dark inside, tobacco smoke, black leather seating, crack

Dive bar

Mid day

Bartender, Don, Welf in the back booth

Another guard standing, walks past him to the Don

Whether you leave the Parnai or go to the city, take care of yourselves

Whether you flee the city

Just maybe planned to get killed for the city

Asked for money

I won’t need money where I’m going

Everyone knows something is up but us.

Meet up with Ted and Alex—Ted selling drugs
Meeting up at the billboard

100 ft walls outside the city

50 ft walls outside the parnai

Motion sensor activated

113 people called into the city from all over the Parnai

Do it
Don’t know of anyone who died from it, but know people have left

There’s a reason they pick people like us for the city.

Hammer on gun

Yes, they survived

Advice on how to leave: If I were to leave, I would tether my rope to the machine gun

Meet everyone in front of the Dons

Fierce animals

Lil Joe (ted) 30 feet up, Alex on the top

New girl shows up

Guards show up, new girl kills one of the guards

Other guard stabs the girl

We make it over the wall and into the woods with all the trees

Welcome to your D&D game
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