Lil' Jo

orphan who doesnt give a fuck or whatever


A tiny yet powerful, no-fucks-given, orphan, drug mule who secretly cares about her big sister and fully believes Lord Albaddon is her long lost father, Lil’ Jo is not to be messed with.

Standing at 4’11" and a little under 100 pounds, Lil’ Jo is a tiny bundle of anger and angst. She’s got dark skin that appears almost purple in certain light and wears a full leather outfit most days. She never smiles, and typically has a look of anger mixed with disgust on her face.

Lil’ Jo is learning her craft as a hexblade, but relies mostly on her intimidation tactics and daggers, when things really get bad. She’s got a short bow and plenty of arrows and is just as good up close as far away.

For the most part she’s a loaner, but she will fight to protect her big sister even though she will never admit it.


Lil’ Jo was found outside the cultured sloppy jo shack in the Pârnai by the NAME family, so I guess you can say she’s “cultured.” Like most orphans she has big fantasies about her real family and firmly believes she is the long lost heir to Lord Albaddon and one day will be reunited with him to rule the city. Growing up she never felt like she fit in. As a hexblade she was often ostracized and even feared by her peers. Her adopted family always supported her, but she never really wanted to follow their path. She’s got a big chip on her shoulder, and even at 22 is still full of teen angst.

Lil’ Jo avoided all apprenticeships and attempts by her adopted parents to learn a craft. Living with her big sister she realized quickly she would need to find some job to pay the bills. She quickly started looking for ways to make money, and stumbled into the Pârnai’s drug market somewhat serendipitously. One night, while out avoiding doing actual work, Lil’ Jo met Coliv in the park. They hit it off instantly, mainly due to their hatred of the Sheriff and all order in the Pârnai. After sharing several drinks and comparing notes of the long lists of things they hate and even Coliv describing his role as a drug mule, the two ended up in the pinnacle moment of truth. Coliv leaned in to kiss Lil’ Jo, but instead of her lips meeting his, his lips were met with her fists! Stumbling back in shock, Coliv asked, “what’s wrong.” All Lil’ Jo replied with was “give me the drugs.”

Lil’ Jo stole the drugs from Coliv and started selling them herself until ultimately bringing the money back to Olympia; who ultimately gave her a job. With money flowing in, Lil’ Jo’s life was starting to look up. But she did her best to keep her secret new career away from her big sister and her adopted parents.

Lil' Jo

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