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Every official business in the pârnai has to lease a terminal from the Sherriff. The Sherriff then uses that money to pay their deputies and other officers(generally known as the Sherriff’s Office) with the surplus being used by the office for brokerage. The Sherriff’s office, along with banks, will broker deals for goods from Chisme (typically industrial/heavy machinery and electronics) on behalf of the various companies of the pârnai. Chisme wouldn’t accept Capitol credits, so the Sherriff’s office and the banks must purchase goods from the food production, materials fabrication, and reclamation sectors for trade. The Sherriff’s office only brokers deals for the rocket incenerator, biofuel, reclamation, and food production companies; all other sectors of the economy must get stuff from Chisme through the banks (or from goods traders, who go through banks).

Additionally, any business that owns property must pay for electricity for from the rocket incenerators, and most businesses have to pay for waste removal from one company or another (the operators of which are known as hose jockeys because they go down the streets attaching hoses to the various sludge tanks). The rocket incenerators then purchase biofuel and waste from the hose jockeys to power the plants. The detritus from the incenerators is then purchased by reclamation companies, who also gather scrap and other non-flammables from the hose jockeys, which is then sorted and purified into usable resources, then purchased by other industries (from food production to clothing, materials fabrication like wood, to personal hygiene supplies) to make into usable products.

If a business doesn’t own property, they probably rent space from a landlord, who along with restaurants, bars, and bath houses employ the majority of the construction industry. Outside of the core industries (rocket incenerators, biofuel, reclamation) everyone gets their products from goods traders/transporters (known as cart jockeys). If one needs a tablet or app, they’ll be purchased from tablet&app stores, who also pay authors, musicians, and game designers that entertain to the general public. Lastly, since electronics are difficult to acquire from Chisme, a sizable section of the economy is dedicated to refurbishing and repairing broken items, as well as manufacturing new tech from scrap parts.

Black Market

The Image below is a flow chart of the economy sans consumers. It’s quite large, so I recommend downloading it so you can zoom in.

Cash Flow

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