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There is no internet, no phone lines, no radio, no WiFi, no LAN. There is no communication infrastructure, no network; either in the p├órnai or the city, and there never has been one. And there is no pen and paper. Information is transferred via jump drives, colloquially known as jumps or drives. Most people have at least three jumps: a credit jump, a shopping/personal jump, and a work jump. Credit jumps are specifically formatted to carry the credits program, which is an encryption based static currency program. Shopping or personal jumps are used to acquire games, music, books, and applications. And work jumps are used for professional purposes like time cards and work related programs and files. Additionally people will have one or more drives intended for sharing files with other people (family drive, friends’ drive, lovers’ drive, letters drive, etc.)

These jump drives carry programs and files to peoples’ various tablets, which are the only form of computer and vary in their scope and complexity. The largest ones are billboards which are operated by the Sherriff and his Deputies. These are primarily used by them to post announcements, but are also available to the public (for a small fee) for posting any information which is then indexed and retrievable by any passerby with multiple people being able to utilize it at once. Most peolple own a home tablet, which is the size of a 21st century flat-screen TV and capaple of running multiple programs simultaneaously, and a personal tablet for ubiqitous use. Additionally, there are innumerable quickpads which are capable of holding up to 50 writable “sheets.”

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