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Hydroponics along with cultured meat and vegetable matter provide the sustenance for the pârnai and the city. Food plants have been genetically engineered to produce faster and richer food, and everything is grown indoors in multi-storied centers. Meat like pork, chicken, and beef are grown in dishes from cell cultures; there is no livestock. Some people refuse to eat cultured meat, choosing to “go natural”, and either go vegetarian or eat squab or other birds that enter the pârnai, but, honestly, cultured meat tastes better than wild game so most people refuse this route.

Many people grow herbs for personal use in planter boxes, and some people with a green thumb have made cottage industries from selling their spices. Most don’t cook at home, and street food is a major part of the economy. The various stalls and restaurants offer a fare as diverse as one can imagine, and one can always find at least one place open at any time of day.

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