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Life in the pârnaie is relatively free of hardship. Medicine is advanced; there is ample food; and fighting the cold or intense heat isn’t an issue. Racism doesn’t exist, though homophobia, transphobia, and ablism do. However the Sherriff doesn’t like violence, as it could lead to riots and loss of his job if left unchecked. There is no legal code; the Sherriff, his deputies and their guards are judge, jury, and executioner. So if you beat or kill somebody, you better have a good reason or you’re likely to end up in the same position. Violence against minority groups is often met with similar violence from the sherriff’s office, while beating the crap out of your boss for firing you for being queer is often seen as justified. At the end of the day, though, most people don’t have time for that kind of hatred, and those who hold those beliefs are veiwed as strange.

Life isn’t without problems however. Poverty still exists as there is no social security, no health insurance, minimum wage, sick pay, or maternity leave. Having kids and trying to send them to school can further complicate matters. Once one goes into the hole, it can be difficult or impossible to climb out.

Economic matters aside, living under the aegis of the city can be chafing. For some it is the lack of mobility. Want to see the forest? Too bad. Want to visit Holzfäller? Not gonna happen. For others the absolute authority of the Sherriff can be irritating. If a deputy doesn’t like you, better suck up the abuse. Sherriff thinks you charge too much for your wares; you better start having a sale. For others it’s the lack of challenge. If you want to work on Ethernano Drive, fusion reactors, pilot a hovercraft, join Lancia or Chisme, conduct archaeology or other studies, or hobnob with the Albaddons, you’ll need to find a way to get into the city.

There are two ways to do that. One is through retirement. If one is over the age of 50, they can present 100,000credits to the Sherriff and be granted access to transport to the retirement villas in the city. There, they won’t have to work, and all their needs will be provided for. 100,000credits is a lot to save for in the pârnai, especially for the reasons listed above. Additionally, there is no stock market, nor savings bonds. Most people work well into old age, or live out their time with the assistance of family.

The other way to enter city life is to be invited in on the recommendation of the Sherriff. Every couple of years or so, the city will request the Sherriff to nominate citizens of the parnai to be acknowledged as worthy enough to enter into the city. The Sherriff then, with the help of his deputies and advisers, will draft said list, and those people are invited to come into the city. Typically, those eager to go for scientific, military, or academic reasons will write the Sherriff, and the office will monitor their work and decide when the person has reached an acceptable level of excellence. Additionally, those of particular talent may get noticed by the Sherriff or their deputies, and be nominated. Typically this is how people of strong magical talent are chosen.

Lastly, for some people, getting chosen to enter the city is a curse not a boon. Some people are troublemakers, but, either not enough so to warrant death, or well liked by the community, or deeply entrenched in the economy. For these people, sending them to the city is either a way to eliminate a problem without directly getting bloody, or to assassinate a person’s or organization’s social/economic standing.

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Getting Into the City

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