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People in the pârnai live in tenemant apartments constructed of concrete, wood, and corrugate steel. Jerryrigged additions are not uncommon. Temperatures never get below 50 or above 80, so there is no central air. There has never been snow, or hail, nor thunderstorm, so dwellings don’t have to be sturdy, and there isn’t any irrigation. Roads are unpaved packed dirt, which can get muddy if there is persistent rain. The vast majority of people rent their apartments from landlords who generally own and run a single building. Buildings are typically not mixed use, and most businesses are run out of stalls, one story buildings, and garages jammed around apartment buildings.

There is also no sewage or other burried infrasturcture. Water is piped in from the city and then distributed above ground to each building’s water tank, which also collects and purifies any rain water it can with some systems being better designed than others. Waste is collected in a separate tank, which then refilters and purifies what water it can to be pumped back into the system, and the remaining sludge is then collected by various companies and sent to the rocket incinerators which use it for fuel and then reclamate the by-products which are sent to plants to be recylced into everything from food and toiletries to medical supplies with some being exported to Chisme for electronics and other heavy industry. Landlords pay for the water supply, waste removal, and electricity to the apartments, and typically cut off supply when rent is late.

Water conservation is a part of life in the parnai, as supply from the city is limited, and there are occasionally shortages. Most of the bulletins from the sherriff encourage using water sparingly, what people’s recommended intake for the day should be, and to report any problems with the supply system immediately. At home, people only use water for drinking, some for cooking, and bodily functions. People don’t bathe or take showers, daily cleaning is done with a cleaning oil and strigil. Baths and showers are luxury experiences purchased in the parnai’s numerous bath houses, which are similar to Roman or Japanese bath houses.

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Housing and Infrastructure

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