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Medical technology is far beyond 21st century capabilities. Pinpoint scanners, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and micro-manufacturing, diagnostic assistance applications, the ability to craft the right cure has been raised and the thresh-hold for learning has been lowered. Cancer is easily treatable. Burn victims don’t suffer debilitating scarring. Infections can be halted with tailor made antibiotics and anti-virals. And most genetic disorders can be corrected in the womb. Surgeries are less invasive, and recovery time has been halved.

All of this is only available for a price of course, and , while the cost for treatment has been dramatically reduced, some people still can only afford basic or emergency care. There is no health insurance, and people can easily go into debt to the doctor. Additionally, even though the most life-threatening situations can be fixed, there are no ambulances, EMTs, or emergency response systems in the pânai, so response time can be deadly. However, most doctors have some healing magic, so once they arrive, tragedy can generally be avoided.

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