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Schools are mixed-grade, single room affairs, and attended for some years anywhere between the ages of 5 to 15. Parents pay the schoolteacher directly for their child, and this is the primary factor determining when and for how long a child attends. Each school will generally have one, and at the most two, teachers, and are expected to teach the basics in all areas of education. Most teachers will usually enlist the help of older or smarter students in teaching the younger or slower ones, and will give tailored as well as general instruction. Private tutors are also available, and some people will home school or pool educational time/daycare.

At some point between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, a child will enter into an apprenticeship, usually brokered by the parents if not in the family business, in which they’ll learn the knowledge and skills for an eventual career. Inter-industry mobility is virtually non-existent, as it would require becoming an apprentice again, unless the new field requires similar or "less’’ skills.

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