RVA friends' Campaign

January 17th Dnd


Coliv is dead

Adrian has headed to the Capitol

Nelfsin has gone in the opposite direction

Capitols current status: Pograms (massive riots) from the city

Our current status: Possibly terriorists

Residents of Resistance City: None are from Chisma, mostly from Lancia & Holtzfaller

Searching the rubble for the vampire to ensure he’s dead

In the meantime Little Joe and (Elena) interview Resistance City residents

Someone from Lancia: Don’t hear good things, says we’ll stand out like sore thumbs

Someone from Holzfaller: Would not recommend going there, chain gang

Found his rapier, ring

Ring: pewter, has a ram, Ring of the Ram, Cloak white dueling cloak

Ring: Mental commands whilst wearing it, if aimed at the door you may open the door
Ranged attack with 50ft limit

Head to Holfstedder to use hovercraft to get to Chisma

Takes 5 days. Traveling through the forest—hearing chains and chainsaws

Hiding and observing the noise of the sound

5 ghouls with assault rifles, with a bunch of men logging

Hovercraft in the middle of the clearing. Decide to hide and observe

Chain logs to hovercraft, get work crew inside. Dusk, hovercraft heads in southwest direction

We decide to follow the hovercraft to get to Center City

Reach center city at night. Guards at every door for each bungalow and warehouse, snipers on the roofs

10 hovercrafts

Go back to the field, laying in wait

Neilfsin: Shows up

Wants to recruit new people to start a new resistance.

20 feet away from The group of ghouls + slaves

Surround ghouls to attack
Enter the hovercraft while wearing the uniform—encounter man in the cockpit

Going to Chisma


Pilot: Cosby

Doesn’t offer much in the way of information. Is from Chisma. Throws up.

Talks to someone from the gang of enslaved loggers

Let Cosby make his landing

Hovercraft 1 (30 people fit comfortably): 8 8: 16 Pilot: Cosby

Amelia: manning guns

2nd hovercraft: Pilot: R Kelly

Pick up the rest of the loggers: 9 + 1 +1: 12

A third hovercraft

1 H+2 H lift and separate, 3H starts shooting at 2H

Fight 3H, crashes, no survivors


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