RVA friends' Campaign

September 7th

Daytime // Walking

The group walks with Coliv/Nelfsin—faerie that lives in the woods/Adrian

Nelfsin saddles up to Brie — make plan to go back to the city and steal a hovercraft

“What do you know about Coliv”

Coliv: Brash, full of vigor, got courage, lacks in intelligence and wisdom, makes up for in decisiveness

“Can we trust him to do the right thing”

-We’re allies, so if you can’t trust him, you can’t trust me.

>>Resting, group of us go off to the side

Should we steal the hovercraft, or continue to blow up innocent lives?

Stick with the Resistance and see what happened

Walk through most of the night and set up camp

Encounter a subway station with a train approaching

Before getting on the train, Little Jo being choked, let him go

5 tentacle like things hanging from the ceiling

Attack most of the things, then stop as they back away.

Little Jo’s bow breaks

Get in the car, rest. Talk with team, while the others are away

Little Joe and I tie up Coliv, while Brie distracts Nelfsin, [Elena] curls up next to Adrian with the knife

Brie tosses the rope to [Elena] to tie up Adrian

Tie up Adrian and Coliv

20 people in this city

Subway car is the link to getting items, etc.

Initial idea—to steal a hovercraft and get people out of the city

Decide to Resistance City to train (smashed buildings, etc). Untie Adrian and Coliv

THEN go back to the Parnai, steal hovercraft, bring people back to the Resistance city to save them, without the vampires knowing

We’ve arrived to Resistance City

Getting the tour of the city


Adrian leaves the group and goes into the city—will not see him unless we see him again

Wilson—weapon smith


City is powered by the fossil fuel bacteria—burn it directly to generate power

Doctor—Doctor Theo, smokes a lot. Upset with Caliv for not bringing back cigarettes

Farmers—grow mushrooms, alfalfa and greens

Belinda and Melinda—very sweet ladies (farmers)—they are lovahs

Goggles and


Tack and Lee and N and Bot (robot eye)

Ray JJ Ronald and Faye

Take a rest to wait on the bullets and arrows, then seek out Neifsin to gain training


carterbot carterbot

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