RVA friends' Campaign

Update November 29

We/re helping people escape while fighting the vampires

Neilfsin suddenly appears next to Amelia

Neilfsin to the cyclops “Will you stay and help, or be a coward?”

Kaliv + Lil Joe blow up molitiv cocktail amounts the vampires

4 rounds, everyone has escaped to field up top, we are with them (and Neilfsin)

Still fighting the vampires

Kaliv dies in battle

Sense motive Neilfsin: very hard to read that she’s scared // She has no concern for the people around her // Calculating her next move

People 15-20

Amelia shoots vampire, hits shoulder

KILL GHOUL, run back up the stairs

explosion of bats

swaming little joe and the helpful slayers

Attack the bat swarms swarming Nelfsin and the slayers

We demolish the building, Amelia almost dies

We decide to head towards Chisma, make camp


carterbot makeitloud

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